saveBytes() in Android


I’m successfully using saveBytes() and loadBytes() in my sketch, the values are stored and later read by the sketch, thought I can’t find the .dat file in the Android files manager tool. Not even in the sketch folder, where I can only see the .pde and .properties files.

Where is the file saved in he Android version?


Moved this question to Processing for Android to see if any Android users have suggestions for you…

you cannot see them because when the apk is generated data are internally stored except if you have choosen to put them on the sd card.

Yeah, I hate break it to you pal, but any files for an apk app are treated as system files and are unavailable to the user (which is stupid.) and so far I have not found a work around for this except to copy the code for your program to your PC to use for processing on the PC. That’s the only solution I’ve ever been able to come up with… EVER. Sorry. Maybe you could try moving the app to your SD card and plugging it into the computer? This is just a guess to be honest IDK if it will work.