Cache buffer keeps expanding

After upgrading to Android mode 4.0.3. with Processing 3.4 I experience problems with a growing size of the cache buffer on my device. Tried different devices and ways of installing, directly on the device and a completely build apk installed on the device. No difference, each time the app is started and closed the cache buffer expands and easily exceeds 1 GB. Tried also the simple sketch from with the same result.
Looked for solution to clear the buffer programmatically but what I found didn’t work. It looks for older Android versions. Posted this also in GitHub as an issue.
Hope someone can help or indicates if they experience same behavior.

hi @Hans
this word “Arduino” here is confusing and might be a typo

pls. edit your post.

add it might be required to give info about the processing version
and the Android version you compile for and run under.

Hi kll,

Thanks for the heads up, I edit my post. Mostly working with Arduino and Processing.

Main question is if others can check their installed Android app for that same behavior and share that information.

Greetings Hans

To clarify my problem I made a few screenshots. (from the basic example sketch)

With cleared cache:

After opening and closing ten times:

After opening and closing twenty times:

I have the same problem, and I think this problem is new, because it doesn’t happen on my old sketches installed on my phone.

Same experience here. Old version didn’t had this problem. Thanks for the reply!

I just tried to reverse to Android Mode Version 4.0.2, and it does not have the same problem.

Using Android Mode Version 4.0.3: cache increases like crazy, more than 300MB.
Using Android Mode Version 4.0.2: stable 53KB of cache.

Same sketch, same functionalities, both seem do work perfectly, the only notable difference for me is the cache size. I think you could manually reverse to the old version until this get fixed.

Great, that works. Thanks!

I’ve tried to go back to Android mode 3.0.2. because of errors caused by the Blepdroid (Bluetooth LE) library, which I still would like to use. But it gave multiple errors. Never tried a more recent version.

Hope they will find solutions for these new problems.