Processing Community Day Copenhagen October 2nd - open call

Processing Community Day Copenhagen is happening October 2nd at Det Kongelige Akademi from 10:00-15:00 and we have an Open Call for artists/designers/creative practitioners/computer scientists/amateurs or anyone in general who has an interest in code and would like to show and tell about their software-based project. See info on the website or reach out to me:


Excited to see this happening.

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Processing Community Day Copenhagen is happening October 2nd from 10:00-15:00 at the Royal Academy (Philip de Langes Allé 10 1435 København K) and we have a strong lineup of speakers and workshops + free food and drinks!

10:00 Welcome

10:20 Choose a workshop:

Workshop 1: Beginner workshop in Processing with Anne Mette Møller Hartelius

Workshop 2: Live coding in Improviz with Søren Peter

12:00 Break + free sandwich

Lightning talks
13:00 Louise Foo + Halfdan Hauch Jensen: Description coming

13:20 Louise Lessel: Shaders in P5js

13:40 Marius Juul Nielsen: Processing for live performances

14:00 Tom-Lucas Säger: Design & AI

14:20 Carl Emil Carlsen: Audiovisual interactive experiences in Processing & Unity

14:40 Mirabelle Jones: Immersive interactive storytelling

Join us
Sign up at Processing Community Day Copenhagen | IDA

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