Announcing Processing Community Day Japan 2021!

We are “officially” launching Processing Community Day Japan scheduled on February 20 and 21!

While most of the streaming contents will be in Japanese, we are preparing online galleries where anyone can contribute so please follow for updates! And please drop me a line if you organize local editions and want to collaborate (we had great exchanges in 2020 at global hangout, Italian hangout, Sao Paulo meetup and PCD Madrid :slight_smile: )


forgot to mention - shout out to Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks), MIKIKO (Elevenplay) and OpenProcessing for kindly sponsoring the event!

For PCD Japan 2021, we organize Daily Coding Week from Feb 13th! We made a “prompt list” as themes of the day, and those works posted on Twitter with #PCD2021 by 23:59 (UTC+9) will be automatically included in our 3D online gallery! Use your favorite tool (not only p5/p5js) for submission!

thanks for those who participated! we had a surprise guest from the coding train (guess who it is :slight_smile: )

the archive of keynote/panel/workshops are here (the rest of the contents are in Japanese)