Announcing Processing Community Day Brazil 2021

We are planning PCD Brazil to happen remotely, from April 11th to April 17th. Right now, we are on open call, until February 28th, so people can submit to run workshops, talks, showcases, etc. We are also planning to have a virtual art gallery and we are open to receive academic papers related to Processing and creative coding.
And I quote the Japanese community: “And please drop me a line if you organize local editions and want to collaborate”.


super! is this happening only in Portuguese? are you working with the garoa people in sao paulo?

At first, it will be in Portuguese, but we are open to small interventions in English. For example, if you want to introduce your community in a few minutes, or send us a video. I’m going to talk to the other organizers to see how to make this work! And yes, I’m from Garoa’s club, but we have people from all over Brazil involved in the PCD.


Oh now I see! Hopefully we can (loosely) collaborate again this year :slight_smile: