Processing Community Day @ Detroit

Hi, all.

I’m eager to organize something in Detroit, MI. I have Omnicorp Detroit hackspace on board (I’m a member), but I’d like to get others who are interested included too. The date hasn’t been set decided yet.

If you are in the neighborhood, and would like to join in, chime in!


Hi I live in midtown and im interested.

I just started playing with processing a few day ago. haha

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Hi Zack! Nice to meet you. The more, the merrier. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to keep it accessible, so a combination of introductory workshop + some demos. I’ll try to setup a date for a meet soon it can be discussed in person. I’ll be posted here.

Hi! do we have a date announced for this year?
some ideas: Cranbrook is starting a brand new 4D design program this fall, I’m thinking the new resident designer might know some folks in the area or would like to meet fellow creatives in the area, I can put y’all in touch if interested. Also look into the folks at DLelectricity – I bet a bunch of them have been hacking in processing for eons – heck, that’s how I’d first discovered processing is thru one of the coders at the festival years ago. Also, I’m at PCD @LA, got recommendations that AMC Detroit is legit – reach out / hit them up if you haven’t?