Processing Community Day @ Chicago


Ah, yes. I was looking at the wrong schedule. That works for me. My only input about putting Ari in the afternoon is that folks will have to choose between attending her talk and attending Jon’s? Might be nice to have Ari in the single morning slot and everyone can attend. But again, I’m fine with what works for everyone else.


Ohhh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood about the second space! I thought if it was an option we could just swap the two timeblocks.

Ari says her workshop will be beginner friendly, so I think it’s ok to leave it first. People who want more time with the basics can come to my session later.

Sorry for the hassle. Appreciate everyone’s thoughtful discussion.


OK, perfect. I may certainly have been explaining things badly; sorry for the confusion. Yes, I was worried about competition between Jon and Ari as well. Cool.

So I made Ari’s workshop for beginners, and I’ll leave everything else as it was.

We can swap things around if necessary; currently I’m assuming most people will want the beginner track (in the afternoon), so I have beginners in the bigger Space A. If more people seem interested in the intermediate courses, we can swap A & B if necessary (for the afternoon sessions). Make sense?

Thanks very much!


Works for me. Thanks again for all the work on this, Allan.


Hi all, the water in our bldg is off temporarily so I might be later than 8:30am. Sorry, heading over asap.


no problem; we have things in hand, I think. Do what you gotta do! :slight_smile:



Thanks everybody for your help last Saturday!