Processing Community Day @ Chicago

awesome. @jonchambers are you in touch with Shawné?

@aljabear i’ll contact her today

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Hey everyone ~*
I’m a little behind but I just did the doodle and It’s great to catch up with y’all here.
Can’t wait to meet!


Durp. It appears that there is no time when we can meet when everybody is available. Shall I extend the poll to the week after, or any other ideas?

Sure. I’ve got mostly morning classes this quarter, so I can be free in the middle of the afternoon (3-5) on some days (Tuesday, Thursday, and most Fridays with the exception of this upcoming Friday).

From Xin, via email:

We should send a group photo and meeting notes from our meeting to Xin to share on social media.

I updated the Doodle poll; we’re all too busy, so no confluence yet. Maybe this is the wrong way to go about it. Perhaps people would like to visit Tiffany and my house (McKinley Park) over a weekend, and we could plan things over beer? There are two small children, and things are messy (just moved in), but it might work.

Hi! As long as it’s on a Sunday, that works for me!

A suggestion for this organization phase is to use Trello, which it is a dashboard where you can organize activities and events. The basic software functionality is free. In trello, you have a dashboard which could be assigned per project. Inside a dashboard, you have lists and lists are mad of cards. You can capture your ideas using a single list. Create another list to promote the cards (ideas) that you want to implement (don’t forget to assign/delegate those cards to members).

For a dashboard, you can invite different people to join.

If one member takes the initiative, he/she could create a global dashboard where everybody pitches ideas and any other organizer could look at the dashboard and take ideas from there.

Last, Trello is my suggestion. There are some other software that does the same, in case you are familiar with these tools. For instance, Asana, Airtable, Kanban tool, etc.



@kfrajer, sounds good. Maybe once we get the ball rolling though. I believe it would be nice to meet first. Are you in Chicago?

@aljabear Unfortunately I am not in Chicago. Just thought in tossing my idea out there in case it gets some traction. Maybe I should have placed it in PCD worldwide :rofl:


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Hi folks, yes, I could do a future Sunday. The best upcoming days for me are September 23rd, 30th, and then October 21. October 7 is also possible if later in the day. Excited to meet everyone!

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OK. How about at Tiffany and my house at 1pm on Sunday, September 23?

I will PM folks with directions. We’re near the Orange Line in McKinley Park.

Does anyone have any dietary restrictions? I could get some sandwiches or something. (I know Jon is a vegetarian.)

Sure! I can do this Sunday.
@jonchambers I can pick you up if you want.

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@cleogirl2525 @aljabear yeah that sounds good!!

OK, to confirm then: 1pm on Sunday at @funkstart and my house. I PMed @cleogirl2525 and @kjhollen with the address. I’ll also email Sarah Ritch if she wants to join us.


awesome, see you then!

Hi everybody. So, in summary:

We met over the weekend at Tiffany’s and my house.

UIC should be able to host this event. It looks like it will work for either Saturday, January 26 or February 2. I’ve secured a room here at the Library which can hold about 50 people with laptops; we may also use a cool lab in the Art school for breakout/exhibition space (thanks Sarah!). More details soon.

We want to organize a melange of lightning talks, maybe a couple/few longer talks or workshops, and maybe an exhibition or two.

Please weigh in on which date is best, and whether you have any visions for how to market this, or to solicit submissions/talks/exhibitions.


Anybody have any opinions? What are our next steps?

Thank you for securing the space! I have a slight preference for February 2 but either date can work for me. I still need to check in with my colleagues about who might want to participate and what we can contribute from here. More soon.

OK, sounds good. Should we put a deadline on this? I’d like to confirm a date so I can definitively reserve the space.