Processing Android 'Build failed'


  • google usb driver 13.0.0
  • Android SDK Build-Tools 33.0.2
  • Android SDK Platform-Tools 34.0.1
  • Android SDK Platform 33 1
  • Processing 4.2 windows-x64
  • Android Mode for Porcessing4 4.4.5

A ‘Build failed’ message appears for any source code.

Is there anyone who works with the Windows version and the Android version?

hello. how are you?
The old file works fine, but after updating to the latest it doesn’t work.
There seems to be a problem.


Generally it is a SDK incompatibility problem

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You’re right.
Currently, you cannot choose the ‘SDK’ version, so there is no solution.

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You are right; it’s been broken. I’m normally a Mac user but have a Windows 11 box also. I tested Processing 4.2 on Windows 11 and was able to use it for two different Android devices…until I decided to upgrade my Android mode to the latest and that’s when things started to fall apart. At the tail end I saw a dialog that asked me if I wanted to automatically upgrade to a higher SDK (33). From then on it was broken. The error message now says my Gradle plugin is out of date and I have no idea how to upgrade it. Bottom line is that both devices have been rendered useless on my Windows system.



Do you have a working ‘SDK’ version file?

I use a custom Android mode on my Mac system which allows me to use one of the newer devices. If you want to try it the link is below. It was written by “ajavamind” and must be placed in the ‘modes’ folder of your Processing folder. Rename the original by adding something like ‘_orig’ so that the editor won’t try and use it. It should be named ‘AndroidMode’ in order to work. I haven’t tried it on my Windows system. Link is here: Processing sketch won't open on android device. · Issue #729 · processing/processing-android · GitHub

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As I observe the contents of my ‘C:\Users\Username\Documents\Processing 4\android\sdk\build-tools’ directory, I noticed that multiple SDK variants exist. To potentially resolve the current error, consider temporarily removing the ‘33.0.2’ folder and see if the problem persists.

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