Basic Code Build in Processing 3 but does not build in Processing 4 (both Android Mode)

I’ve been trying to build codes on my phone and it works when I use Processing 3 Android Mode but fails when using Processing 4 Android Mode. This also applies to basic codes and examples given by the IDE and website. I just could not figure out where the problem lies.

Processing 4 does not currently support Android mode. You will have to use Processing 3.5.4 if you want to program for Android.

Can’t Android mode 4.5.0a2 be used for the latest version of processing 4.0b6? That was the android mode version I used in testing which I installed manually. Though build fails.

Not sure where you got hold of 4.5.0a2; Processing 4 ships with 4.2.1 and I know that version doesn’t work when you try to add the Android mode.

Hello @Myrdalm,

See tweet here on main page:

Which links to here:

The modes available to Processing 4.0b6:


The mode is not available for Processing 4.0b6, for the processing version is a pre-release, wherein you should install the mode manually. The release version 4.5.0 Alpha 2 was tested with the current processing version, using the examples in particular, but it does not build during android mode.

Maybe it would be better to confirm if does Processing 4.0b6 compatible with Android mode verion 4.5.0 Alpha 2. If version are compatible, may I know the possible reasons why build fails?

Can you confirm with installing Android Mode for Processig4 version 4.5.0a4 with the processing4 version 4.0b8.
Use contribution manager of processing4 to install as follows. I have confirmed there is no issue in using one of the examples and installing it on the device with the version mentioned.

Can you tell me more information about build fails? What error do you see on build fail? @Myrdalm