Problem with compiled program

I have written an application in Processing that comes out of the GUI starts easily and does exactly what it should: mixing the image of a usb camera with an animated film and play together.

(under Windows 10 Pro 64 bit).

But if I “compile” this application (I know: create java bytecode) and start the result, I always get only a
gray screen (nothing else), which I can only kill with the Task Manager. It makes no difference if I embed Java JRE or not … or create 32bit or 64bit app … (is an option when creating the app).

In which direction Ishould looking for the reason of this f… error?

Thanks for help.

Is it a short sketch that you could share?

Making a copy of your sketch and simplifying it (for sharing) down to the minimum code that still causes the gray screen problem will really help you narrow it down. You might also want to confirm first that any sketch you export actually works – like one of the simple Examples.