Problem running Processing project in VSCode

Hello, I am trying to get set up with processing in VSCode, and I am encountering the following problem when attempting to run the processing project.

I followed this tutorial to get started. I don’t believe that I missed any steps, but at 8:20 I notice a discrepancy between what is shown when he runs the processing project in VSCode versus when I try to run it in my VSCode. His says

Executing task: processing-java --force "--sketch=C:\Users\Andrea\Downloads\hw0" "--output=C:\Users\Andrea\Downloads\hw0\out" --run

But mine does not start with “processing-java” like his does. My problem is that my terminal looks like this:

Executing task: C:\Users\Andrea\Downloads\hw0\processing-java --force "--sketch=C:\Users\Andrea\Downloads\hw0" "--output=C:\Users\Andrea\Downloads\hw0\out" --run

For some reason, the filepath to my sketch is being appended to the front of “processing-java”. This is the only issue, and I don’t know why it is happening. To be clear, I did add processing to my path, and I was able to successfully run the sketch by manually typing the command into powershell and command prompt.

The generated tasks.json file appears to be identical to his, so I’m not sure why this is happening. I’m hoping that it’s some dumb error on my part or it can be corrected with some small change, but any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi Avina,

Welcome to the forum. I don’t think that’s an error or a problem. For some reason your set up is just slightly different and whole path to processing-java is shown instead of the command only. In the end it should be irrelevant difference. After all the end result is the same and that counts.

I guess I didn’t describe the issue clearly enough, my bad. It actually is a problem, because processing-java is not located under that file path. It’s in its own folder in the program files folder (like the guy in the tutorial did), so when I try to run the sketch, it doesn’t work because there is no processing-java in that folder. If I manually type out the command with just “processing-java” instead, it works. My issue is that I need to stop “tasks.json” from prepending this (incorrect) file path to processing-java, as it is both incorrect and prevents the sketch from running. (Sorry about the formatting, I’m on mobile atm.)

The line in json-file

“command”: “${config:processing.path}”

determines command used to run the processing sketch. It gives a wrong value. Most direct route is to change it to

“command”: “processing-java”

Trickier solution is to figure out why ${config:processing.path} gives non-working command

Thank you so much, that fixed the issue! Yeah, I will have to investigate further, but this will work for now