How to run Processing code in Visual Studio?

i installed the processing extension to visual studio, but when i run it i get this message

when i then click on “find processing exstenstion” i get this

how do i fix this?


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hi Joseph how do i add this extension to vs?

It’s on the of the repository you provided:

Installation Instructions

  1. Open Visual Studio Code
  2. Open the Command Pallet ( CTRL+SHIFT+P for Windows/Linux or CMD+SHIFT+P on Mac) enter the command “Install Extension”
  3. Search for “Processing Language” and click on this extension.
  4. Restart Visual Studio Code

i’ve done that, but it did not solve my problem. it still says i need a processing debugger


The link you provided states:


Try to cancel it and see what happens.


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What do you mean by cancel it?

I guess they meant cancel to close the dialog box :slight_smile:

I don’t have it installed now so I cannot test it - but how you execute a script is not through VS code debugger. Instead you should have an option to run a task that says “run sketch”.

also in the screenshots, I noticed the file name is not valid. Like Processing IDE, you always need to match the folder name to the file name (projectname/projectname.pde). VS Code is a powerful tool (I use it for most of JS dev) but at the same time, it is very confusing, and sticking to Processing IDE is a good idea too. I would say VS Code is preferable when the code gets longer or if you have many tabs (that collapse in Processing IDE) - but for small projects, in my opinion, Processing IDE works fine too.


How do I run the sketch? I can’t find this anywhere

Hey there

To run Processing sketches from VS (on MacOS) I did the following:

  • Open Processing and make sure processing-java is installed (Tools / install processing-java)
  • Create a new sketch in Processing
  • Open the sketch folder in VS-Code
  • Install the Processing Language - Visual Studio Marketplace Extension
  • Create a task-file with Cmd + Shift + P, then find “Processing: Create Task File”
  • Run the sketch with Cmd + Shift + B.

I remember doing it in a similar way on Windows.
With “Ctrl + Shift + P” and “Ctrl + Shift + B” as keyboard shortcuts.

Tipp: I saved an example sketch with the created task file as a template. Usually I just duplicate that when creating a new sketch.