Println() prints incorrect text

Hello all,
Running processing 3.5.4 under Window 10, println() prints incorrect text to the console. For example

void setup(){

produces the following output:


I chose ‘XYZ’ because I noticed that the characters were ‘downshifted’ two letters down the ascii table (Z became X), thus A or B won’t appear as letters in the console.

I have deleted and reinstalled processing. Any tips? I just don’t know what to do here.

Thanks in advance.

I just tried the same code on a mac (OS 10.14.15) and got correct text in the console.


Works on my W10:

This is the font I am using:

Which console font you are using?

Try a different console font.


Thank you! Much to my astonishment, changing fonts worked! I tried another font as well, Courier Prime, I think, and that also worked. But Source Code Pro does not. Weird that the font is the problem, but at least Processing is working correctly.