Println not working

How can I use println in the android mode?

I can make apps fine, but I never see the print lines appearing in the console.

I think it‘s System.out.print(); in Android Mode. At least that‘s how it is in Android Studio…

No that doesn’t work.

I don‘t know why it‘s not working. println(„Hello“); should work just fine…


android.util.Log.e("tag", "message");


If not there is probably something wrong in Android mode.

No it does not work.

Could you please create an issue on processing-android GitHub?


that has nothing to see with log or System.out.println().
i got the same and found not any solution except to look at the AS logcat at the same time; then after some days console was working again…till? - Another thing i have seen is that when i am working with AS (not p5 mode) and P5 is opened the P5 console fires a lot of red errors about itself. I begin to think that perhaps there is some kind of incompatibility between the twos, P5 console && AS logcat.

@Jakub done:

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I got it, I have to dial some secret number and turn logging on and don’t reboot:

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Have you ever found a solution?
I also don’t work with println.
help me~