Working with other character sets/UTF-8 on windows?

void setup(){

this also does not work

  PrintStream out = null;
  try {
    out = new PrintStream(System.out, true, "UTF-8");
  catch (Exception e) {

It displays properly in my sketch, but in the console log shows up as ???

I’ve tried changing the font, but that doesn’t seem to be it because it shows up fine in my sketch view. What’s the secret to making this work?

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Hmm. Not a Windows user, but I think the console font can be specified in the PDE config file.


The Processing Development Environment (PDE) is highly configurable. The most common preferences can be modified in the Preferences window, located in the File menu on Windows and Linux and in the Processing menu on Mac Os X. The full list of preferences are stored in the “preferences.txt” file. This file can be opened and edited directly only when Processing is not running. You can find the location of this file on your computer by reading the bottom-left corner of the Preferences window.


  • Editor and Console font
    Select a different font to use for text in the Editor and Console. Note: the selected font should match the language used in the Text Editor. See the “Enable complex text input” preference below.