Print in console

It has been quite a while that I used processing hence I have old habits that do not seems to work now.
Previoulsy I was used to « print » the content of the variables in the console at the bottom of the screen with the command print(barX);
Now it does not work as nothing apperas in the console.
Can you help me please?
Below is the code I am using.


  • @name Hue
  • @description Hue is the color reflected from or transmitted through an
  • object and is typically referred to as the name of the color (red, blue,
  • yellow, etc.) Move the cursor vertically over each bar to alter its hue.
    const barWidth = 20;
    let lastBar = -1;

function setup() {
createCanvas(720, 400);
colorMode(HSB, height, height, height);

function draw() {
let whichBar = mouseX / barWidth;
if (whichBar !== lastBar) {
let barX = whichBar * barWidth;
fill(mouseY, height, height);
rect(barX, 0, barWidth, height);
lastBar = whichBar;

Hi @Alcys6
Please consider to edit your post above clicking on the pencil and adding ``` one line above and one line below your code.
The processings IDE does not print to the console, but the on-lined P5.js Web Editor will.

Hi @noel,
Thank you for this! I have added the “” as requested.
But I am not sure to understand what you advice about “on-lined P5.js Web Editor”?
I am not a native english speaker so i might have missed something.

It’s not " but three grave symbols ```
Or select all the code and then hit the </> button in the edit box.
As for the Editor, just access the site, past your code and run.
You will see the print() function working.