Preview of p5.js Web Editor down or moved to new address

Hi all,
Since I am an absolute beginner who just created my account, please remove my post if it is not relevant or belongs to another section or the forum.

I just noticed a few minutes ago that the Preview in the p5.js Web Editor no longer works and that my browser’s message says it might be temporarily down or may have moved to a new address.
I tried to launch my code in the standard web editor and in the full screen preview on both Chrome and MS Edge. I get the same error each time.

I don’t know if this error has been reported or if it even happens to anyone else in the community.

Has someone noticed the same problem on their side?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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Hello, @nikko, and welcome to the p5.js Forum!

Interestingly, I’m seeing a blank page at without a message:

Equally interesting is that there is source code at that address:

Hopefully, someone who maintains the system will see this discussion and provide some insight, or even better, a remedy.