Is the p5.js editor broken?

I can’t see anything in the preview browser on multiple browsers, same for example codes

I also have a sketch embedded in a site (for ages) and that isn’t showing up either

EDIT: Not paying attention to where I’m posting!

I’m talking about the p5.js site which may have nothing to do with this one!

Same here…it looks like the P5.js editor only works on android but not in desktop web editor.

So this means my website is broken as I just pointed a bit of it to one of my saved sketches.

I guess this is a good time to ask if you can host them yourself to prevent this from happeneing?

It was last night that I realized that even just a simple box gave me lot of error…when I tried from my phone it works as it should…not sure what happens now with P5.js when I try to use from my descktop. :frowning:

Cool, It’s back…

Great !! … just tested and works again … let’s hope for long … :slight_smile:

Wow, if I actually looked at all I would have seen the download button that creates the .js file for you with all dependent .js files.

That won’t happen again.