Posts in Gallery vs platform/language mode

[As this is for an Android audience, moving back to Android category at user request.] @GoToLoop

Moving this off the thread by @noel.


In general, we move projects to the Gallery. This works well for Processing Java and p5.js, but posts for smaller platform/modes may feel that it hides them from the target audience.

For now, I think we can keep categorizing things as we have so far in general and just be responsive / aware if somebody wants to move something “back”. Discussion and suggestions welcome.

Indeed, it’s not always crystal-clear which category a post belongs to. :confused:

IMO, the category “Gallery” is a general place where folks can post their work for every1 to find, regardless the target audience or programming language it has been coded in. :smile_cat:

That is usually my thinking as well – we don’t want 5 galleries. But, in the case of smaller platforms with forum members who are only subscribed only to a specific channel, I can see why one might want to reach a specific audience. Too bad we can’t duel-list things by language and by type. Tagging would do this better.

You’re right if the OP wishes to target a specific audience only.

However, when folks are looking up for things done in Processing, I think they’ll tend to search through the category Gallery rather than specific 1s.

Also consider that specific categories are more for troubleshooting rather than presenting complete works.

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I would like to argue that every user with a reasonable presence and experience on this forum, has the knowledge of how to target a specific user group.
I would also like to advice to let “messaging” enabled, so that this could be solved by a simple personal message

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Perhaps we do! But not as main categories, but as subcategories. :raising_hand_man:

That is, we should have a Gallery subcategory inside Android category and so on. :bulb:

This way, we won’t have work presentations mixed up together w/ troubleshooting questions. :partying_face:

Interesting idea. So like Python Gallery, Android Gallery, etc?

If people are subscribed to Android and we made Android Gallery a subcategory, would they get notifications?

If we did that we might need to go through the current gallery and divvy it up.

Not quite sure, but I believe so.

B/c when we use search for a specific category, we end up w/ posts of its subcategories as well.

Not sure about it, b/c the main Gallery category would still be the 1st place w/ much more visibility where folks go to see what Processing can do.

It’d be up for the poster to decide whether the post go:
The general main Gallery category, the platform specific subcategory or even repost on both!

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@noel, if there was a new Electronics > Gallery subcategory, and everyone subscribed to Electronics saw new posts in it, would you want to use it? Or would you prefer things like that in Electronics?

Well actually I’m quite satisfied with the structure like it is now. It’s my thinking (and perhaps I’m just wrong about that), that the gallery is for art work; some place where you place some code that you are proud of. Lately I posted a topic with a link for widgets, but also important functions for P4 A, like saveFrame for instance. Until now I’ve never encountered this function on the internet. This was also re-categorized to the Gallery without asking. When I’m busy with other projects and don’t want to scroll all the new topics, I just click on my shortcut to Android, because that is of my most interest. That’s why I think that the functions I mentioned belong to the Android section. The post with the github link you can find here

I think some people use Gallery for artwork, some use it to showcase “I made a thing that isn’t a Library (this is not a question)”. For example, I started the Rosetta Examples project, and I posted it in the Gallery – although perhaps it could have gone in Libraries.

I don’t answer Android questions so I am very happy to defer to you @noel. If you want to put whatever in the Electronics root and nobody is complaining then I think you should be able to do what you want, and I know that I’ll keep it in mind. I’m happy you are posting, and want whatever makes you happy.

That said, I really appreciate all the work that @GoToLoop does putting things in the right categories, especially from first-posters. We get a lot of stuff posted in the completely wrong place, and it is nice that somebody is willing to help keep the python and the Java in their own channels, etc.

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