Merge Python Categories

The forum has categories for and p5py. But there are other Python variants that people discuss – for example, py5 seems to be growing in popularity, then there’s pyp5js, too. Some posts span multiple Python categories, and some are more ‘general’ Python discussions/questions.

Perhaps we should merge everything into a single Python Processing category (I’m open to suggestions for a better title) that provides tags for selecting… when composing a post.

This seems more elegant than continuing to add additional Python categories?


Hmmm, merging into one category seems like a better approach than continuously adding categories that could also be addressed with tags. I like this idea.

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Yes, it is a good idea, so let’s do that. The name Python Processing would be fine.


I’ve seen on another discourse forum (can’t remember which one) the possibility to select “Python” as a main category and then specify which version in the “optional tags” window. Could be an idea.

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@moderators – if there’s consensus, how do we action this?

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