Where is the Exhibition category like the older website showed up

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I just watched the youtube video from Daniel Shiffman, I am a beginner and in his video there is a category called “exhibition” from the older processing2 website ( I suppose ) and I can’t find it from current website, anybody could tell me if this category is replaced or canceled.
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Hi @Siyue,

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Are you talking about this?

I think the corresponding category on the new forum is Gallery.

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Hello Josephh, ( that is your real name with double h?)
emm. not really. That "exhibition"category is located on the side bar.
you can check on this video
0.5: Processing Examples - Processing Tutorial - YouTube
at 17:34 he mentioned.

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All right I see what you mean! (from the good old days :wink: )

At the bottom of the new website, you can see some See what others are making links and here is one that showcases projects made with Processing: