Poll - p5js.org Search Bar Improvements

Hey fellow p5.js users! This topic is regarding possible changes that can be made to the search bar that is present on the p5.js main website - https://p5js.org/.
Feel free to comment your views/suggestions on this topic. Also, please participate in the short poll below. This will help me understand what is required and what changes could be worth implementing.

  • Design changes to the search bar
  • A search bar on every page to enable redirection to any page of the website
  • A search suggest drop-down list
  • Other ideas (Please mention them in the comments below)

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I think the majority of users having issues with the search bar are beginners. I have no issues with the search bar, but the majority of my students do not see it at first, so a slight design change may help.

Also, they typically don’t know what they are searching for, so maybe having some kind of most “frequently searched” options, or examples of keywords they may search for might help.

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Thanks for the suggestions! A magnifying glass and bright colors may help in making the search bar more eye-catching. @limzykenneth Please have a look at these suggestions.

I would like you to share any other design related suggestions you might have. This will help me to think about possible changes that can be made. Also, if you teach students who have any type of impairment, please let me know about any problems they might have faced while using this website. Accessibility related suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks!