Please Introduce Yourself


Hi,I’m negi.I currently attend a computer vocational school in Japan.
I am planning to be involved in the development of advertising system or web service in the near future.
I often develop libraries and games used for Unity in unity.Among them, I am interested in drawing technology such as shader, so I entered the this community.
I am interested in the development of the library, so let me see you at github if I have a chance.


Hi I am Yaron from Israel, known around the internet as Faxi Nadu. For many years I have been producing electronic music while experimenting with lots of synthesis tools.

A few years ago I founded Ocean Swift Synthesis with my graphic design partner Fernando from Portugal.

We started out as a 3rd party developer for the Scope platform with their SDK, and then started developing for other platforms, first with Processing and then with other tools and languages.

Recently we have come a bit full circle and dived into p5js and are having lots of fun with it.


Hello guys, I’m “Sky” , just a 16 years old boy from Italy that likes a lot programming. I use Processing since last Xmas (2k18 ) and I use it for making copies of old/easy games, and Ihope that one day I will team up with 2 friends of mine and make something orginal/more important