Please Introduce Yourself


Hi I am Yaron from Israel, known around the internet as Faxi Nadu. For many years I have been producing electronic music while experimenting with lots of synthesis tools.

A few years ago I founded Ocean Swift Synthesis with my graphic design partner Fernando from Portugal.

We started out as a 3rd party developer for the Scope platform with their SDK, and then started developing for other platforms, first with Processing and then with other tools and languages.

Recently we have come a bit full circle and dived into p5js and are having lots of fun with it.


Hello guys, I’m “Sky” , just a 16 years old boy from Italy that likes a lot programming. I use Processing since last Xmas (2k18 ) and I use it for making copies of old/easy games, and Ihope that one day I will team up with 2 friends of mine and make something orginal/more important


Hey! :smile: Abel from Ethiopia here. I’m a Power engineering student, a UI & UX artist and designer, educator, enthusiast and hobbyist. I first came to know about Processing when I was in grade 12 (back in 2014) and I’ve since fallen in love with it. You’ll know how easy it is to get started with Processing because I came to create my first ‘desktop app’ just after 2 days of reading and working with Daniel Shiffman’s book (Learning Processing) while only being a beginner in C++ by then.

Since then, I’ve not only came to make many other apps for desktop, but also did for Android. Created games, tools, Embedded Systems, animations, hacks, … with it. And even helped those overseas with their projects. But above all, I took it my life’s mission to spread the word about Processing to whomever I came to talk code about.

Over the years, I’ve had the wonderful privilege of teaching highschool and preparatory school students about Programming and Embedded systems (4 years now) at a STEM center where I live called Foka STEM. I’ve met brilliant minds longing to create apps, systems, games, … for their projects in the yearly held local and national science fair. Of course, I’ve recommended no other than the wonderful Processing for them to work with.

I am also a member and lead organizer of a tech team called Kekros in AASTU, through which we as a team given many notable tutorials about programming and held different seminars about tech as a whole to students in the university. We’ve used Processing as a tool together with Arduino to help out student’s thesis projects (Polytechnic, BSc & MSc) over the years and we’re proud we used it.

We also created the Ethiopian version of Processing Community ( to help spread and help those with questions about Processing and programming in general in the university and those interested in Ethiopia or elsewhere as a well. As we were starting out used to award active members every month and are currently working on to sustain that trend.

The love for Processing urged me to participate and talk about UI & UX on a festival by the Google Developers Group in Addis, GDGAddis.

Together with friends and Team Kekros, we are setting things up for holding #PCD Ethiopia 2019 in Debre Zeit 9th of this February. We’ve partnered with Foka STEM Center and have all sorts of engaging and fun ideas for the event.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.
Love. :blush:

Abel Wondafrash


Hi. I’m Femke. I’m a Dutch expat in Ibiza and a wannabe artist. I’ve just begun trying to learn processing.


Hello Processors:), I’m Kartik, I came to know about processing from Coding Train youtube channel, and I just found a place where I can really feed my creativity and curiosity. Currently I’m working on a 3d audio visualizer, so much fun, Yay!


Hi everyone,
my name is Siddharth Shah. I’m an enthusiastic programmer and a second-year undergraduate student in Computer Science Engineering from NITRR in India
I really like the initiative of processing foundation and I am impressed by the p5.js and it’s features.
I want to contribute and build some great things for this awesome community, my aim is GSOC19.

It would be great if I could get guidance on which repositories and features to contribute to for it’s best results
a big Thankyou to all!


G’day! I’m Matt from Australia. I got started in the visual medium with photography and then 3D and video art. Then I got into putting little animations together in After Effects. I did some of my fine art degree abroad in the Netherlands and it was over there I really got exposed to Processing and Max and stuff like that. I started doing live audio visual performances around that time too. I’m a haphazard artist, sometimes I’m successful with it other times I wind up working a day job. But I’ve got over to the States a couple times too and to Eyeo and stuff like that, and checked out a bunch of campuses and art places while I was there. Hope to get back again soon. Feels like things are picking up again and I’m back on the forums asking questions again hehe. I’m a super hack coder, total trial and error. I love exploring technology to do with the moving image and music, it’s my idea of a nice day off :slight_smile: You can find my art and music here


Hello, My name is Thanachat Lertwiram. I am a programmer, master degree student, and gamer. I just joined this brilliant community yesterday. The Processing is the inspiration program that leads me to learn more about programming.

Coding is easy but debug isn’t…


Very cool. Hope PCD Ethiopia goes well. Let us know.


Hi I’m Magda Arques, I live in Alcoi, Spain I teach in the Fine School of Arts Alcoi and i’m artist too. I work with processing now we are going to organize #ProcessingDay.
It’s a presure write to you.


I am from France, I make interactive art installation, and also develop weird musical instruments.
I studied Mechanical engineering, Music and Sound Engineering, along with a bit of Electronics and Programming. I started using Processing in 2016 during a very cool internship.
I like generative designs, building interactive programs over UDP, adding some Arduino and electronics, connecting PureData for a bit of sound… Lately I have been trying to get my head around shaders, so much fun… and debugging!
I am looking forward to learning new cool technologies, and exchanging with all of you! :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m Phillip and I want to teach people how to code! I used Processing a while back when I was in university on a couple of school projects, but haven’t touched it since. I am trying to teach a friend how to code and I think the Processing platform is a good way to do it. Looking forward to connecting with people here.



I’m Jack, a live coder / software developer / computer graphics masters student from New Zealand. I’m a big fan of Processing and have been using it for about 5 years now - primarily for music visualisation and recently in live performance. I’m interested in many things including real-time computer graphics, creative coding, live coding, HCI, and UX.

My research explores how live coding and VJing practice can be combined to create new types of performance software while improving the user experience for performers. To demonstrate this I have been building a new tool called Visor that aims to empower Processing for live performance. You can find out more about Visor here though I intend to create another thread to discuss it in more detail.

I look forward to engaging with the community and I hope I can bring something new to the conversation. Cheers!


Hi, i’m Heloise, i’ve been a lurker for a long time, now I have sign up!


:leaves: Hi! My name is António but I go by Void(); or around the web.
My main interests consist of gaming, reading, “coding useless tools” (typically to edit .png), not really a coder :sweat_smile:
I graduated in Arts and Multimedia but have been making a career in Logistics :expressionless: (It wasn’t good for my mental heath) Now I intend to resume my studies but this time it will be in Programming.


Hello I am shaharyar shamshi selected in processing foundation fellowship 2019 as well as I also wish to be part of processing foundation in Gsoc 2019 I am really excited to start my new journey with processing foundation


Hey I am Jai Kotia, a student from DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, India. I have experience in various programming domains, which include Android app development, NodeJS for web development and TensorFlow in python for machine learning, amongst other domain knowledge.

I am looking to contribute to the amazing Processing foundation through GSoC 2019. I hope to get to know you people better and I must say, this seems like an awesome community!


Hi guys, Paulius Daubaris here. I am on my last semester in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and would love to contribute as much as possible to the Processing Foundation throughout the summer :slight_smile:. Project preferred - Library management in p5.js web editor!


Hello, my name is Colin Blankenship, associate Professor at Austin Community College. While working on my Masters, my scripting class showed me this cool little tool, and this cool little community!
I am a 3d artist, and by no means a programmer. I need to pass this class, but, to be honest, I have found I have thing for programming. Just need more practice.


hello everyone! Aditya bose here , an IT undergrad. Really looking forward to working with you guys.