Please Introduce Yourself


Hi all!
I’m Tyler, I’m somewhere between a data scientist and data artist from Montreal Canada.
I started using Processing to visualize data in my PhD (say around 2012), and have since then been using it almost daily as I’ve moved towards a career as a freelance data scientist and data artist.
Looking forward tog getting involved with Processing Community day for the first time.


Hello , my name is Daniel and i use processing for my electronics projects!



I’m Harry and my education is in visual arts, the old fashioned kind. The only math I was ever good at was Bayesian statistics until I got to 3D modeling that involved linear algebra. If I knew then what I have learned using processing, my degree would say Bachelor of Science instead of Bachelor of Arts and I’d be building robots instead of mopping floors. C’est la vie…


hello i am an artist working with many companies and theaters in lyon in france. I 'm beginning to try code with processing and I use it with Isadora for video live show
and since I’ve formates my computer to high Sierra I can’t use processing.
Please someone can help me to fix this bug.



Hi, my name is Martijn. I’m an information designer, making mostly websites, data visualizations and interactive installations. My work can be found on my website.

I recently started a self initiated project called IMPROVISUAL in which I visualize improvised music using Processing. I post sketches and videos a few times a week on Instagram: @impro_visual.


Hi, i’m Bryan Medina from México. i’m biomedical engineering student, i used to hate programming at the beginning of my career, but then discover the processing environment and the @shiffman tutorials, and now i’m really into it. i’ve learned a lot from the forum. What i liked the most is the kindness of this community, and how many people from different fields interact to create awesome projects. i’m still learning but i will contribute answering questions with the little that i know (which help me to learn more about coding, projects and learn english).

I want to create a kind of community in México to encourage people to coding, but i don’t know how to start, any ideas?

Thanks for this awesome community!


Did you heard about Processing Community day ?


Thanks! This looks really good. Probably I couldn’t make it in time this time. But I’ll apply for the next year.


I am Montse. I am an artist and teacher at the official school of design Llotja in Barcelona. I have seen that with processing it is possible to make combinatorial art. I have a long career in digital vector illustration and lately I have done some combinatorial projects but without processing (with heuristic methods of trial error). I would offer to collaborate in projects through processing where an illustrator was needed or to carry material for several experiments.

Best Regards!


Assalam o Alaikum… I’m Mohammad Tariq from Pakistan. I’m a student of Software Engineering. Sir I’ve to control Elli with arrays. I tried a lot but could not succeed. Please help me to control elli with arrays.


Hello, I am Marco Hokke from Amersfoort in The Netherlands. I’ve been using Processing since 2008 or so. I like generative arts, happy mistakes, and clean code. I like to make stuff from small 15-minute sketches that create simple geometric shapes, to entire ecospheres to watch how populations interact, thrive and dwindle.
I’m a professional .Net developer and I like mime.