Please Introduce Yourself


Hi, all!

My name is Alvaro Luken Luna. I am from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

I am a junior at New York University studying software engineering and history.

As part of GSoC '19, I would really love to start contributing to the Processing Foundation and would really love to get my hands dirty with any Spanish-English translation work!

Fun fact: I have lived all my life on the border region and I can say first-hand: there is no crisis at the border!! :slight_smile:

Very much looking forward to learn and work with all the members of the Processing community! :sunny:


Hi everyone!
I am Bhaskar Singh a computer science and engineering student from The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. I am currently in my 3rd year of undergraduate program.

I love web development and deep learning and my favorite programming language is JavaScript. I like to play sports and create tools for my friends. I have been using p5js for a year now and want to give back to the community and be a part of it through GSOC 2019. Looking forward to contributing this summer season.



I start learning processing for fun. I am a book editor, graphic designer and musician. The website of my publishing house:


Hi everyone!

My name is Ashneel Das and I’m a computer science/applied math student at Cornell University. I’m a passionate developer who loves to code in Python and Java, as well as doing backend development with modern JavaScript tools. I have used Processing for projects in the visualization of physics and math concepts, and I would love to contribute to developing libraries and tools to help with visualization of concepts by being a part of GSoC 2019. If anyone would be interested in working on something like this, I would love to talk more! I’m looking forward to contributing to the Processing community this summer.


Hi Everyone!

I’m Sumukha and I’m an undergraduate computer science student. I’ve recently begun exploring processing for fun. Looking forward to contributing in any way I can.


Hello, I go by F53.
I started learning java in my freshmen year of highschool and have continued that education till now in my sophomore year. I started using processing around a week ago and have been having a blast finally using java for projects I can SEE because I have just been doing stuff with text in my class. I hope to be able to make fun games, short projects, and helpful tools for myself and others.


Hi Colin,

Nice to see a fellow Austinite here. I’m the founder and host of the Processing-Austin meetup, and I’d encourage you (and your students!) to come by and jointly expand our community.

Best Wishes,



Hey Ross,
I will pass things along as you set things up!


Hi everyone! I am Keshav gupta 2nd year student of computer science and engineering from
Shri Mata Vaishno devi University katra Jammu &kashmir India. I’m interested in contributing in p5.js and I’m also want to participate in GSoC 2019.


Hi there,
I’m Davide Pepe, I have a degree in Computer Science and
I’m a video artist. I would like to bring Processing into my works.
I’ve just started to learn it so I’m sure I will bother you very soon with all my questions!


I’m Kenny, I am an undergraduate engineering student at URI. I started using processing about two months ago for research and numeration in Computational fluid dynamics in Lily-Pad. I don’t have much programming experience outside of some basic courses so I will have lots of questions in the future


Hi there,

I am Guillaume from Strasbourg, France. I am a PhD student in digital arts, with a focus on programming. I am mainly interested in abstract visual arts, from the first computer artists to the present days.
I also aim to be an artist programmer, which is at the moment mostly a work in progress : learning, experimenting… So no website so far, but it will come.
I started working with Processing in 2016, but I also have projects with Touch Designer, a VPL using Python.


Hello Processing community,

My name is Emil. I am a student of web development at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, currently in my third year and working on my Bachelor’s thesis. I have no background in creative coding and discovered this concept as recently as two months ago, trying to figure out what to write my thesis about. I fell in love with creative coding instantly. I have a previous background in theatre and have been missing more creative outputs for programming, and so this is the kind of coding I’ve been longing to do.

So in short I’m here because I recently discovered creative coding and now I’m writing a thesis about it, so I hope to stay here for a while :slight_smile:


Hi there

My name is Philipp Lehmann. I am a UX / UI Designer based in Zurich. In 2018 I founded Redefine together with a friend of mine. We are a small but effective design agency.

As side projects I dive into the possibilities of generative art. With Processing, P5JS or (quite retro) Quartz Composer I find a straightforward approach to motion and form.

As a hobby I try to recreate some album cover art with code. Some examples:

You get the idea :slight_smile:

Cheers Philipp


Hi, my name is Diana, i’m a computer science grad student looking for info about how to contribute this summer to the p5.js project. I’m new to most of this, but excited to learn more about everyone’s contributions :slight_smile:

I have done some front end work here at my codepen link
and some graphic design stuff at behance link


Hi there, I’m f41ardu aka Tom from Germany. I have a PHD in Physics and work in IT as consultant for about 23 years in several companies. I’m with Processing since mid of 2007, Arduino guide me straight forward to Processing. In my rare spare time I organise a Computer Club at a local High School (Gymnasium). Still looking forward for volunteers to advertise Processing in that school. Processing, regreet to say, is not so popular in Germany. I personaly use Processing for prototyping ideas in the area I’m working on. My latest personal project is to implement the SDK for DYI little Dello quadcopter in Processing. Maybe later the low level protocol. As I’m a project manager rather than a devloper it sometimes take me a little bit longer and I bother you with questions ;->
Happy Processing

And you folks in the US have MIT and “The life long Kindergarten” we neither nor in Germany ;->


Hi Diana
I hope you’re okay. I’m new to this too, just like you. I also want information on how to apply this summer. I will apply for the ( Processing. + Development Environment: Beginner/New User Experience Features )project. Please if you know something he told me because I am very interested but I do not understand well what is required .


Myself Ankur Ingale. I am an undergraduate student in Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. I started using processing in 2017 and am using it since then. I even applied for Processing Foundation but got rejected as I made my proposal very hastily. Now I am aiming for GSOC this year and hope to get selected. And this new forum is damnnn good.



I’m a disabled engineer in the USA, specifically the great state of Texas after an education and career in another great state called North Carolina plus a youth in sunny Florida near Miami.

Processing is enjoyable for me due to the c/c++ style, the interactive graphics capability, and best of all the cross-platform nature. There are other features like the documentation, libraries and this thriving community in which I really should participate more (well, here I am).

In my life I’ve learned about two dozen programming languages and I’ve got to say that If I had to choose only one it would be Processing.



Peace be upon you, my name is Fatima Alzahraa from Egypt and I am a student at Al-Azhar University and I am studying systems and computer engineering

I am hoping to join GSoC this year; I get interested of processing and what it can do and the many application of it.

I am wondering, how can I contribute in your organization

What should I do first?

Thank you