Please Introduce Yourself


Hi, I’m Yuting, I’m a student and I am very interested in p5.js, I have used it in my university project to accomplish interaction games, data visualization. And I want to make some contributions on p5.js. By the way, this new forum looks sooooooo good!


Hello, I’m Alessandro. I’m a mathematician who moonlights as a musician and visual artist. I have been using Processing, and coding in general for artistic purposes since may years now. My visual art work is documented here , and I also have a blog here where I write about coding, sounds and visual output.


Hello everyone!

My name is Moritz Resl. I discovered Processing in 2007, during my studies in Media Informatics at Vienna University of Technology. Since then worked with it on numerous projects and quite recently co-founded our own practice that focuses on generative and interactive design to bring together our own artistic work with client-driven projects: — Instagram: (for work in progress and finished projects)

Congrats on the new forum, happy to meet all of you!


Hi everybody! My name is Federico and I’m from :it: I saw Jer Thorp (aka blprnt) many years ago at a conference and I was really inspired by him and his work. Then I started learning Processing on Vimeo thanks to @shiffman and then I ended up teaching many workshops and a course at the University of Udine. I have a blog and, with some friends, last year I started a no-profit for creative coders named Codice Inutile (tr. Useless Code).

I like this new forum :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Justin Lincoln. I teach New Genres & Digital Art at Whitman College, a small Liberal Arts College in the North West U.S. I maintain a Processing fan site at that has a bit of a following. I’ve maintained a strong interest in Processing since about 2010 based in large part on its friendly and enthusiastic community. Lately I’ve been very interested in combining the sound, midi, and video libraries to see how far live video manipulation can be taken with Processing. I post daily video sketches on Instagram @thebuildingisacamera as part of my studio research.


Hi, I’m Kasper. I create interactive installations with Processing, like this EyeCatcher installation. Processing is my first to go prototyping tool and I’ve created several blog posts that explain certain things I’ve solved with Processing.

I teach first years students Programming with Processing as well.

I love this new forum, I think it makes it easier to participate and track certain discussions.


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Abe Pazos. I think my first Processing sketch is from 2006. Since then I’ve used Processing (and p5.js) for art installations, live performances, art work, prototyping, having fun, mentoring and teaching, both in institutions and through Fun Programming. I organize monthly creative coding meetups in Berlin since 2013 which started as Processing meetups. My work can be found at

I’m very happy to see the beautiful new forum live!


Hello I am Martin Prout. I first got interested in processing in 2008, when I participated in a Mass Writing Project with the Open University (with the idea of creating a book on processing) the book got written but was only ever self published. But in the meantime I got interested in Jeremy Ashkenas ruby-processing project, and eventually became sole maintainer from 2012 updating to processing-2.2.1. For processing-3.0+ I created a new project JRubyArt and the ruby-processing group at github.


Hi everyone,

I’m Philippe. I am Associate Professor in CS at University Toulouse. I’m a huge fan of Processing for more than 11 years
I currently use it for my lectures in HCI (prototyping purposes), robotics, … my projects (in connection with arduino) and … a lot of other things :wink:

Some (few) things (in french) are available here:


Hi, I’m Joseph from India. Currently in my first year of PhD . My area of research is on computational creativity, I’ve used processing/p5.js for making interactive installations and generative art.


Your tutorials are so wonderful. Many thanks.


I am TfGuy44, a forum regular who has been helping people with their Processing code for many, many years.


I’m an interdisciplinary artist, my practice includes computer programming, electro-acoustic music, and video performance.

I was one of the first video animators. At Computer Image Corp I animated letters, words, and titles for Children’s Television Workshop. In 1973-76, as artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center, I pioneered video performance touring public access centers, colleges, and galleries with the Paik/Abe Video Synthesizer.

I have developed software and hardware for artists including the Video Shredder, a desktop video processor for the TARGA2K. I’ve used Processing for several years, most recently, to program video input for my AVSynth.


Hi! I’m Ben Moren, associate professor, media arts @ Minneapolis College of Art and Design I teach creative coding classes in the Web + Multimedia Environments major. I’ve contributed to p5.js and have created a few libraries for it – p5.geolocation & p5.collide2d. I’ve also created p5.toolbar, a sketch environment package for the atom editor & p5.snippets for auto completion and tool tips.

My work is documented at

Looking forward to investing more of my time in the new forum!


Hello, my name is Chrisir. I was also a member of the previous forum and of that before. I enjoy helping beginners. I like processing because of the 3D abilities. :wink:


Hey everyone!

I’m Kevin. By day I help run an outreach program at Google, and by night I run I’m also very active on the various Processing tags on Stack Overflow - if you’ve posted a Processing or P5.js question on Stack Overflow in the past few years, chances are you’ve talked to me! :cat:


Hey Everyone!

My name is Nic, and I first got into programming in high school a few years ago when I learned Processing! I have been playing around with it ever since, and I plan on using it for some 2D game development and other projects I have in the future. I am excited about P5 as well and plan on using it from time to time. I am French and American, so maybe I can contribute to french translations for the Processing Foundation in the future :slight_smile: :fr: :us: Excited about the new forum! :smile:


I second Justin’s sentiment and your books are a great resource too.


Hi I’m Niels Johnson-Laird my background is software engineering (even before OOP) and microelectronics.
I have been dabbling with Processing since version 1.5 and last year completed a 16-month project (working with my father) using Processing and several Arduinos for a local artist who likes to create electronic art – this is still a work-in-progress for the artist, but our work is done.
When I am not learning more about Processing or building electronics I’m tutoring microelectronics technology students at a local community college.
Why am I here, to continue to learn Processing, at the moment my focus is more on the use of graphics for data visualization.

Thank you to everyone for contributing their time, knowledge and experience on all the Processing forums.


Hi everyone,

I’m Ben, and I’ve been using Processing since June of 2001.

Thanks to Casey for putting in the effort to assemble this discussion board for us, and Florian for additional support.