Physically based rendering library for Processing SimplePBR


I have created a library for Physically based rendering (PBR) in Processing. PBR is a rendering method for more accurate (and nicer) lighting of surfaces, here’s a demo video.

There is more information on my website and the source is hosted at this Github repo.

At the moment it has been tested on Windows and Linux with nVidia graphics. The shader fails to compile on Intel integrated graphics and osX, as I don’t usually work with any of them I don’t plan to look into it in the near future. If you find the solution, please tell me :slight_smile:

Would love knowing if you find it useful.


Can’t test it on my old Mac desktop but this looks awesome ! Thank you for sharing this as a library.


You’re welcome!

It should run on Mac by changing whatever functions or operations the shader compiler is not liking, but unfortunately the error message is not very clear.


Thank you! Very nice! And it works fine on Linux with nVidia :slight_smile:


Thanks, great to know it works on Linux. I tried Linux with Intel integrated graphics with no luck, I guess Intel and Apple drivers are more strict than nVidia’s.

Thanks for the pull request, will look later into them! Keep them coming :wink: I have some changes in mind to simplify the library, will try to update it this week and add normal maps support.