PCD @ Worldwide

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing @siusoon. Is there a deadline for the open call?

Hi! My name is Kai Curtis, and I’m a developer at Substantial in Seattle, WA. Since I don’t see a PCD scheduled to happen out here, I’d love to offer to host one. I don’t have any particular ideas in mind at the moment—I admit that I’ve been spending more time with Touchdesigner lately when it comes to the art+code explorations—but I’d like to get together with others in the local community and maybe offer a peak in to what’s possible for people who haven’t considered it before. (I do a lot of work with Ada Developers Academy out here, and it’s important to me to make sure the students in the program see that there’s more to coding than developing web apps and swearing at git.)


Funny exercises

Beside de nice suggestions of the PCD organizer’s kit, what really simple exercices would you recommande to catch the beginers attention in a very simple way ? The 10PRINT is a must but we might need other tricks :slight_smile:

Personnaly I often do some “magic pens” sketches, Where we draw on the screen, without background() refresh, and having the “brush” changing size, color and shape according to mouseX & mouseY

Care to share some of your tricks with us ?


Hi Everyone,

I am Rituparna, I work a Professor at NMIMS School of Design in Mumbai. I will be hosting PCD Mumbai on 24th Jan.

I have been using processing to build some fun interactive projects and also teach it to my students at the university. Hoping to build a community here in Mumbai.




Hi everyone!

We are organizing a PCD in Basel, Switzerland. It will take place on Saturday, February, 9th at the House of Electronic Arts and the University of Arts & Design Basel.

We are doing an open call for Talks and Workshops right now. The idea is to have short (10 min) talks in the morning to present a topic or project done in processing/p5js, and beginner/advanced workshops in the afternoon. And of course, there will be a party at the end!

Here is the website: https://basel.codes/

On behalf of basel.codes,


Hey Chris,

I might have jumped the gun. I didn’t know about this thread and somehow I didn’t see your post show up when I was searched for Denver and Colorado. But I made a thread for a community day in Denver. It sounds like you might already have things underway. If you’d like some help with organizing then let me know I’d be happy to lend a hand where I can.



we are finally online!

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Website for PCD @ Santa Maria, RS, Brasil:



Hi! I´m Cristian Reynaga from Buenos Aires, one of the organizers of the PCD.

I am curator and former Processing Buenos Aires Meetup organizer.

We will organize PCD on January 19th.



I really love the website! great job!

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PCD Tokyo is moving forward and most of the tickets are sold out in a day (the last workshop ticket is just sold now) !! I thank everyone in the community (of course worldwide!) and I’m quite fascinated by how enthusiastic the community is, including students, artists, hobbyists and educators.

In the meantime I set up airtable for participants’ profiles. I remember the first PCD was using this method and I want to share how I replicated it. Basically you need to use this Zapier recipe to connect Google Forms to Airtable

In Airtable, it was first time using it for me, so it took me a while to figure this out. If you look at the default workspace, there is something like an employee list (I don’t remember the exact name) and when you open it, you can change the view to Gallery view for better presentation, but you can only edit the fields in the list view.

The most difficult thing was to add pictures from Google Forms. You CANNOT use the image upload feature because it will result in a link to Google Drive instead of direct image link. You need to ask people to enter a direct URL to image instead. If you do so, Airtable will automatically download the image through the URL and update the profile picture in the gallery view.



I’m Alexandre!
Monica, Bernardo, John, Marco and me, we are organizing
Processing Communty Day @ São Paulo!

You can see what we are up to January 19th here:


update: we set up this eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/processing-community-day-y-afines-buenos-aires-tickets-54312219310

On Saturday 19th January we will host talks, showcase and audiovisual jams at the end of the event.

Please share if you know people in Buenos Aires.



CALL for SKETCHES : pcd@madrid
As part of the Processing Community Day @ Madrid we have organized a public screening of p5.js sketches on the media-façade of MediaLab Prado Madrid.

We will be glad to receive sketches from the pcd community !
Madrid’ MediaLab Prado media-façade is a kind of big-size / low-res pixel matrix - its size is slightly bigger that 14 by 9 meters with a 192 by 157 pixel resolution.
The façade is located at “plaza de las letras”, in an old historical neighborhood in the very center of Madrid, just a few blocks away from the Prado and Reina Sofia Museums.

If you wish contribute to this call, please visit http://programalaplaza.medialab-prado.es/ - the on-line platform where you will be able to code, test, preview a submit your sketches.
The site is (so far) only in spanish but I’m sure you’ll find you way to “register” and “submit”.
The screening will take place on Saturday January the 26th, from 20.00 GMT + 1;





Hi, I’m Qianqian Ye. I am organizing the upcoming PCD@Shanghai with Chang Liu and Yuli Cai.

PCD Shanghai
Time: February 24, 2019 @ 10AM - 4PM
Location: NYU Shanghai, Interacitve Media Arts Department, 8th Floor, 1555 Century Ave, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai, 200122

The open call for speakers, workshops and artworks is up. Please apply if you are interested! Application info at https://processing-china.github.io/. Deadline Feb 1, 2019.

If you have any questions or are interested in organizing / getting involved / helping out, please comment below!

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We’re doing a PCD in Walla Walla on Feb 9 for anyone in this part of the state or willing to make the drive.


We are organising a last minute Processing Community Day next week in Brussels.

We are gonna base it on some initiation sketches, a small talk by Frederik Vanhoutte(https://wblut.com/) and probably some experimentation with ml5js.
Feel free to come and spread the word to those who might be interested.

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Nice! That sounds like a great day! I’m certainly jealous that I won’t be there to see Raven present.

PCD@Madrid’ talks will be live-streamed from Medialab Prado Madrid - Saturday January the 26th - from 19.00 GMT+1


Hello there, my name is Erick Rivera just announcing a last minute mini-event at Playa del Carmen MX on February 6.

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