PCD@LA Track: Under the Silicon, the Beach!

Hi, this is a thread to discuss and ask questions about the track Under the Silicon, the Beach for Processing Day, LA. The track description is below:

_How can creative practice undermine the present and produce an imagination for alternative futures?_

_As software becomes increasingly central to all aspects of human life, artists and designers working with code play an important role for imagining the world outside of the status quo. How do practices that use software and design for esoteric, discursive, political and aesthetic ends, help us break free from predominant narratives? We are looking to showcase the work of a diverse group of artists, designers and thinkers who use code to:_

_    Investigate opaque systems_
_    Explore new aesthetics_
_    Engage in algorithmic disobedience_
_    Imagine alternate futures that subvert surveillance capitalism_
_    Generate new world-making possibilities_

Other event info and track descriptions here: https://day.processing.org/pcd-la-tracks.html 1

Thanks and see you in LA!
Tega and Sam