PCD @ Worldwide 2020

Hello PCD Worldwide organizers!
We are back. We have a new website - https://processingfoundation.org/advocacy/processing-community-day-2020.

Please introduce yourself - who are you? Where are you hosting a PCD and what ideas do you have for the event?

Please feel free to pose questions, facilitate discussions, or share ideas with one another under this thread.


I am trying to work out how to do this, Meetup.com is a good way to publicise an event but $50usd for 6 months is a huge pile of money to many people. It’s good to connect and meetup before the main event or to have mine meetups.

What good alternatives are there to let people know about an even.


we know PDE communicates at start for update … with server…
this and at start of https://editor.p5js.org
we could have a

NEWS popup

to reach all active processing users.

just need protection that the feed can not be spammed.

well, that not helps if you want reach passive users / sponsors / general public /
there need the big show what not comes for free.

Hi folks,
It is PCD season. Lots of events all over the globe. Hope you can make it to one. Here is the full list - https://processingfoundation.org/advocacy/processing-community-day-2020.


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In my case (for a creative code meetup in Cologne) I asked a co-working space where I’m hosting events to announce events as they already had a meetup account. So it might be a good idea to collaborate with a space which has an account - or simply use other platforms like facebook (although I’m strongly against FB…).

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