Processing Community Day @ London

Hi everyone! I’m starting a thread here for PCD@London 2019.

We just had out first meeting (albeit over Skype) yesterday and we are all excited to get things going.

We have managed to find a location and a date while now we are focusing on getting some funding for our guests. Here are the notes for our first meeting:

We are still at the early stages of planning and if anyone in the community wants to contribute, either suggestion for guest we could invite, potential sponsors or just event ideas, feel free to let us know here. I will be monitoring this thread and relay any information to the rest of the team regualrly. If you have any question about the event do let us know, we’ll do our best to answer them if we can.

Our team are: Danilo Di Cuia, Joel Gethin Lewis, Kenneth Lim, Tom Lynch, and Phoenix Perry


Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates as we were only making more progress lately. We have just recently obtained a small amount of funding which will be used to compensate invited guests for their time and effort. As such, we are currently looking for guests to speak at the event or to run a workshop at the event.

In particular we are looking for people from underrepresented groups in technology, digital design and digital art. If you are interested or know someone who would be, and based in London, please let me know! Thanks.

I’d be interested in doing a talk (and possibly workshop) around live coding / interactive programming with Processing inside PraxisLIVE if that’s of interest? Could also talk about using audio, sensors, video, etc. Not based in London, but just up the line in Oxford.

Hi, I missed this event Im afraid as I saw it a bit late but was wondering how it went. Any videos?
Is there any more on the horizon?



The event went well and we got a good turn up and a great series of talks by out guest speakers! We haven’t collated everything at the moment but I’ll update here when we do.

Currently there are no further events planned in London.