PCD@LA Track: Epic Play!

Hello. Just creating a thread for folks to discuss and ask questions about the Epic Play! track for PCD@LA. Here is the track description for quick reference.

Play is not work; let’s start there. Play is also ubiquitous, a relationship, a stance, that someone can take up at any time or place. Like humor, play helps us cope with the world; and like humor, play can be critical and transformative. What does play look like when it isn’t connected to a game or a sport? What is it that makes play, play? Are there constituent elements required for play to begin? What makes a thing into a toy? Can “serious” play be fun?

The Epic Play! track will work to develop ideas, strategies, toys, and games that critique, dissolve, and reconfigure politics, social relationships, solitude and everyday life. We are looking for applications from children and adults using the concept of play to:

  • Heal fractured or stressed relationships
  • Flatten or invert hierarchies
  • Create solidarity in or against competition
  • Resist work
  • Escape
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Just to make sure wires don’t get crossed, the original thread about the track is over here