PCD 2020 Slack Workplace (Processing Community Day)

We are launching a Slack workplace for PCD ( (Processing Community Day) organizers, those interested in organizing, and those looking for collaborators. This can be a place where we share wisdom, feedback, and hopefully build an international PCD community.

This workspace will complement the more formal PCD organizing that happens here on Discourse. My hope is that organizers, especially new organizers get supported as they need in the way that works best for them. I will cross-post announcements here and there.

You can join via this link. When you join please introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. I also encourage PCD 2019 organizers to write recaps of the 2019 experience. We will start a #recaps channel to share those with everyone.

Please share the Slack invite with your local PCD organizers too.

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Hi there!

Unfortunately, this invitation link is no longer active… Can you update it, please?

Greetings from São Paulo 2020 PCD organizers

Whoops. Thanks for letting me know. This page has the new link - https://processingfoundation.org/advocacy/processing-community-day-2020

No problem! But the link on that page is also invalid… Actually we got there first, and because of it been broken there I came here… :grin:
Unless there is more than one link on that page, the one I tried is at the following: " If you’ve organized a PCD, want to organize one, and/or want to join a community of organizers, we have a Slack workspace here."

Is there another place on that page with a link for the slack channel?

Hmm… Looks to be working for me. Can someone else check?

Here is the link by itself - https://processingcom-fum1420.slack.com/join/shared_invite/enQtODA0NTA5MDM3MTI0LTAyZTNiYzIwNzM2YzhiYjRkNmYyMmM5YTU2MmQ1NzgyYzRjZjc2OGY1MDM2ZmJiNTRjMTY5MmQxYWViZmNiYTM

It worked here too!! thanks
Seems like the one you posted here isn’t the same I copied from processingfoundation.org