PCD cool example gallery

Hi there

This is a post to try to gather what you think are cool example of Processing sketches or p5.js pages we could show in our PCD events .
the PCDorganierKit proposes many variations around 10PRINT and some cool tutorials but every time I find my self explaining what Processing is, people ask the “show me something” question.

So if you have a list of cool simple and efficient sample, please share it here, I’ll compile the list

For instance
I like the Wolfram Cellular Automata that you can find in example > Topics > Cellular Automata
because it shows a complex drawing made with very few lines of code

I love Golan Levin’s Yellowtail that you can find in example > Demos > Graphics
because it draws the user into some kind of magical interaction

I love the Open Processing Page that you can find here https://www.openprocessing.org/
because it show how a real website can be enhanced with beautiful interactive abstract graphics

I love The Forum Post that you can find here Places online where documentation of amazing projects exist
because it compile a crazy cool list of projects and artists pages that use Processing, and are very often well documented, with videos and all

Ben Moren likes zach.lieberman’s experiements you can find here https://www.instagram.com/zach.lieberman/ because it shows the visual diversity you could get when coding sketches

Neil likes the work of Frederik Vanhoutte’s work you can see here https://www.instagram.com/wblut/
because it shows a variety of abstract videos and drawings using generative geometries


There are some websites with some examples listed here:

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yes, lets try to keep a single megathread of resources, can you cross post your examples into the older post?

The idea here is to compile things that you can show at a PCD event, so the format I suggest make it more of a usefull list, specifically formated, that is easy to browse and efficient, rather than a long, comprehensive read.

Things organiser can pick and help them quickly select enough for some king of showreel

I added the post to the list but I’m still looking for kind of nugget sized infos on projects:


oh yes, I didn’t see that this was PCD specific!

I always like to show folks Zach Liberman’s work, specifically his instagram sketches. I know he uses openFrameworks primarily, but the general notion (visual creative coding, often generative) is a good foundation to talk about a lot of processing work too.

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Well, for Processing work, my vote would be on Frederik Vanhoutte -

https://www.wblut.com/ | https://vimeo.com/wblut | https://www.instagram.com/wblut/