Processing on Rosetta Code -- weekly topics?


I recently noticed that Rosetta Code – the tasks-in-many-languages coding site – has a language for Processing, but only ~26 Processing tasks examples submitted, out of 916 tasks.

It might be nice to occasionally post a Rosetta task to the forum and see if any community members wants to take a crack at putting together (or giving feedback on and improving) a concise demo sketch.

What do people think of a series of (say, weekly or monthly) posts of Rosetta code challenges?

For example, there is no Processing entry for the Fibonacci sequence. And there are ~800 others.

On the one hand, most tasks already have a Java entry, so for basic programming (outside problems like the Mandelbrot set, or Animation tasks) it isn’t always clear what the added value is of having a Processing entry would be for some tasks – especially ones where the Java already runs with a tweak or two. However, many of the Rosetta languages are quite close to each other, and I still think an expanded set of Rosetta Processing sketches might be a great resource, especially if the sketches were complete (not functions, but cut-paste runnable) – as this would both benefit Processing users and potentially benefit other coders who could easily explore concepts with Processing PDE. Plus, Processing creates the opportunity for adding a visual component to many task outputs, which most other languages lack.