P5.js Editor wrong p5.js says: p5 had problems creating the global function "createElement"

Hello, I have problem with P5.js Editor all the time. error message. there is not right. I get caught. Chrome and Edge same error message. "p5.js says: p5 had problems creating the global function “createElement”, possibly because your code is already using that name as a variable. You may want to rename your variable to something else. (http://p5js.org/ reference/#/p5/createElement) "
How do I fix this? rather 1.5 weeks prefect. now suddenly. I can’t continue playing program code because fixed error. I like to play fun, demo, test. otherwise i’m boring. really bummed. how solution? who knows can help me? i have already reinstalled edge/chrome still the same. see picture. please help me! Regards Marco

Hi @Zwaan,

What is the exact code you are running?

Are you using the latest https://editor.p5js.org/ ? (it works fine for me)

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same issue! Slower than before and sometimes give me a script error…never happened before!
What’s going on?

Hallo, ik heb ontdekt dat die storing p5.js-account. Zit veel de p5.js-bestanden in. En ik heb apart een nieuwe aaccount aangemaakt. Het werkt prefect. Alleen andere mijn account gmail. Werkt niet. Iets fout in inloggen account, kan niet anders doen.

I tried but…not working…

Also, I have to say that I tried one of my sketches on Visual Studio Code and everything is fine…
so, the problem is in the online editor…am I wrong?!