Error Message on console "createElement"

Any code that I try will give me this console message, (working with chrome)
Some code works others not, that’s a very recent issue.
There is no createElement on any of my code

“p5 had problems creating the global function “createElement”, possibly because your code is already using that name as a variable. You may want to rename your variable to something else.”


It sounds frustrating – thanks for bringing your question to the forum. However, we can’t give good feedback if you don’t share code. “Some code works others not” could be literally anything. From the error, it sounds like you might have a bad line of code where you try to define createElement() as new function rather than calling in.

Can you create an example of a broken sketch on

It’s was too big

(Attachment Vidé is missing)

Only gif here we go


The web editor has a share button. Just share a link to your web sketch, or cut-paste the url.

Something strange,

It’s works with safari, still not on Chrome

I am able to view your sketch just fine with Chrome (Version 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)).

It works on the web editor site, and also on an embed here.

This suggests that you have a cache issue (try an incognito window) or a plugin/extension, or security settings. If you try Chrome on a different device it will probably work for you.