Error with p5.js web editor

Hello everybody.
I was just working on a sketch when, by accident, I pressed some keys in my keyboard (don’t know if this has to do with it but it happened immediately after so I think it does) and now every time I start the sketch I receive the following error messages:

p5 had problems creating the global function “createElement”, possibly because your code is already using that name as a variable. You may want to rename your variable to something else.

You just changed the value of “hue”, which was a p5 function. This could cause problems later if you’re not careful.

When I open other sketches it bugs out and I also receive other error messages.
Any clues? Please help me fix it because it makes the web editor practically unusable.

Sadly I just did this and it didn’t work. Any other ideas? And what does this error message mean exactly? I didn’t change any values and even then why does it affect every sketch in my account?

I simply dunno. Clearing the browser’s cache was a guess.
Can you try out another browser and see if the errors still happen there?

I also get that message with Firefox. And I just downloaded my sketch, opened it in the browser and it ran fine, so my code is not the problem. p5.js web editor seems to be the problem. The weird thing is that all of this happened right after I pressed a random sequence of keys.