Error Affecting All Programs

I am a teacher using P5.js and one of my students has run into a problem that I cannot understand/fix. For some reason, all of this students programs have stopped working. If I get the code and use it, it works fine, but on their account they keep getting the same error.

script error. (: line 0)
p5 had problems creating the global function “createElement”, possibly because your code is already using that name as a variable. You may want to rename your variable to something else.

This error is affecting all of their programs, new ones and the old programs that used to work. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

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You are not alone. Some related links.

Running Processing in P5.js mode is an option just in case:


I need to keep things web based, so they are using the online editor. Unfortunately the suggested search results did not relate to the specific error that I am having.

May I suggest you to try out other online editors: :angel:

Sometimes, not always, the issue is due to the p5.accessibility lib.

Could you ask the student if it’s okay to share the link to their sketch here on the forum? Maybe we could find out what is causing the error that way.

Thank you for all of your help. It turned out that the student had one of the accessibility options checked off in the settings.


I ran into the same problem. The issue for me was I had the table text setting turned on. Maybe see if they have that turned on? If they do, turning it off should fix it.

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