Output window pixels very small


I want to use processing to simulate LCD output with C code.

I did a test loading a .bmp file and it worked but the output window is too small.

How to increase the size of the overall output window ?

I think the program output window draws on the actual monitor resolution which would be too small for my 128x64 pixels bitmaps.

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Sounds like you might not have a call to size() in your code.

You should call size() with the width and height you want your window to be, for example:


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You can also use scale() if you are trying to create a very small bitmap image but display it on a larger sketch screen.

Or upscale with noSmooth. Or use a shader.

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Yep ! I think that is what Iā€™m talking about.

I tried it and it worked thank you so much :slight_smile:

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