OpenProcessing: Cannot read property 'bind' of null

I am in the process of putting a project of mine on OpenProcessing, and although it works just fine in both the Eclipse IDE and the Processing IDE, it won’t work on OpenProcessing. I have gotten through most of the errors, but this one is strange and I can’t fund much about it online. It is written in Java.

Here’s a link to the project:

I don’t really need an exact solution as my code is rather messy, but any info on what exactly would cause this error in a generic program would be nice. Thanks!

Processing.js library (Pjs) has a limited capability of transpiling Java Mode sketches to JS syntax.

You can have a look at the sketch link below which is cross-mode, running both on the PDE & online:

So are you implying that my sketch might be too complex (too much going on per loop) or is using unsupported methods/functions that are supported in Java?

I have the feeling I might have to find a list of features that aren’t supported on Pjs but are supported on Java, and make sure I am not using any of those features. Do you think this would solve the problem?