Errors importing to openprocessing

So I’ve ran into an issue porting code from pde to open processing, at first i realised that i was assigning variable was functions which for some reason is acceptable for boolean values in the pde environment, ie

Boolean toggle;

then further in the code

void toggle(){


so Ive checked my code and no overloaded variables (if you can call it that) and yet the code still doesnt work, and prompts a undefined error, however openprocessing doesnt diagnose well and so i cannot identify the error.

heres the code in question, again it should completely work in pde, the toggle variables have been renamed tog and still the problem persists.

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Can you post your whole Java Mode original project folder in GitHub? :octopus:
Follow the way I did for this 1 below: :point_down:

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Does it need to include an index.html file?

No need. The “index.html” there is just so it is runnable on GitHub too.

I’m just asking for the original code you have running in Processing’s Java Mode.

B/c the 1 I’ve downloaded from OpenProcessing isn’t working inside Processing either!

  • It’d be better if you had uploaded the whole project folder.
  • Like in my repo, all files are inside project folder: “Grumbo_Adventure_OOP/”
  • B/c the main tab file is named: “Grumbo_Adventure_OOP.pde”
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