Oblique text using CSS directly in P5

Hey guys,

I want to change the font weight and oblique angle directly in p5.
I’ve managed to change the weight this way:

p.style('font-weight', map(mouseX, 0, width, 1, 999))

but cannot find a way to change the slant / oblique / italic angle.

thanks in advance!

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Unlike font-weight, font-style does not take numeric values. If you want to have a variety of font styles, then, look for the variable fonts that have the axis. Then, you will be able to control with css.
For instance, check this font: Crack Grotesk VAR – Variable Fonts

I’d say skew may do what you need depending on the content - specifically if you only have one line. As you can see in this sketch


it does skew the content but the effect shifts the lines far from the center and may not be what you want for multiline text. I hope this helps!