Variable Fonts on p5.js

Hello guys, I’m Daniel a graphic designer from Portugal ending my master degree! For my thesis im working with variable fonts.

Does anyone knows or have a sketch on how to implement variable fonts on p5.js? Im struggling to do it…

Thanks! hope you can help me!

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Hi @DaniT3K
I’ve no experience in P5.js, but if it was plain P5 I would go for the Geomerative lib.
But since it is java script, maybe this could help on the way.
It’s on Github here.

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In Processing (Java), try Geomerative and Fontastic

For p5.js, check out:

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You can directly manipulate the css font feature settings within the draw loop. No need for a canvas. = `'wght' ${wght}`;

Don’t forget to map your input to the variable font’s supported range if necessary:

const wght = Math.floor(map(someInputValue, 0, 1200, 100, 800));

Hope this helps.