Change Font Weight in p5

I want to have a p5 sketch with the same font but multiple weights. In my index.html I have the following line:

<link href=",800&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">

In the sketch I want to use the 400 and 800 weight Montserrat font. I tried using textStyle() but that only accepts the four constants. The reference for textStyle() uses the sentence “Note: this may be is overridden by CSS styling.”

Can anyone explain what the reference means. I know how to use CSS to get text to have a different weight, but how do I use that in p5?

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not at all;

play example using a load .OTF

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Okay, I got it now. So in google fonts, I just download the files for the weights I need and pre-load those weights as different font variables. Thanks!

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just for change character size can use:

also check on the examples!
File / Examples / Typography: …

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