fontStyle() is limited?

I try to set my font loaded from Typekit, but I’ve the feeling it’s limited and not sure the original variant font is used in ITALIC, BOLD or BOLDITALIC
that’s sound more like in Word or Indesign when you use the automatic option to change the weight and the style and the result is just an interpretation of the regular font, when the variant is not present.

I need to acces to all font variant, there is a way to do that in P5JS ?

Extra Light	200	normal	
Extra Light Italic	200	italic	
Light	300	normal	
Light Italic	300	italic	
Regular	400	normal	
Italic	400	italic	
Semibold	600	normal	
Semibold Italic	600	italic	
Bold	700	normal	
Bold Italic	700	italic	
Black	800	normal	
Black Italic	800	italic	
Ultra	900	normal	
Ultra Italic	900	italic

So the keyword / constant must be more like

EXTRALIGHT , EXTRALIGHTITALIC , LIGHT, LIGHTITALIC etc, to ULTRA ULTRAITALIC or in number directly like fontStyle(900), fontStyle(200)

Maybe there is function like fontWeight() but I don’t find on the reference.