Notification for Edits. Maybe Optional

It would be nice if people (that would be notified of a new post in a thread) would be notified if changes to replies were made. And maybe to avoid notifications for minimal changes like spelling or so, if there was an option to notify someone of a change. As far as i know tagging someone in an edit won’t send a notification (though i might be wrong there…).

and when i write

i love @Lexyth

he might give me a LIKE

then i change to

i hate @Lexyth

how he can take back/delete his LIKE

Huh? You can just click again on the like button and remove your like that way. Also, now that one doesn’t get notified, you could do this in secret, while with that notification function (if it was not only optional) you would be notified of such changes… although i’d still say that adding the notification as option would be better, to avoid getting notifications just for grammar edits or similar, while Edits that change the posts meaning could be explicitly notified to all who are tracking a Thread.

ok, missed that one, thanks

Right now edit made in the first ~2-4 mins are “free” - they arent listed as edits or recorded in history. This is good for me, because I constantly submit and then see a typo or remember just one more link…


Yeah, i really like that too, and always try to get an edit out within the 4 mins, but that is just useful for typos, but if you can’t really change much code within 4 mins and update it, if you want to quickly add something to the code (like you realized, that adding this here makes that faster and a bit easier, so you quickly implement it in the code and then update). But those changes that are actual edits, might not be noticed by the people that watched the question the first time and did not get the full code because of this, so if you can send a notification it would help to get answers from people that could solve it, if they just had seen that change.

But thats for questions, and i was more reffering to replies. So you answer, the person that asked sees it, but then you want to edit it, so the person gets notified that what he thought is the complete answer still has something new to it, or so…

(Btw, that second part was edited in :sweat_smile:)