New members/ One Time Participants sketch format (edit foreign posts)


What if one of the permanent members was granted a license to do the formatting of the unformatted sketches?

This will permanently preserve the beauty of the pages


That’s similar to what Stack Overflow does. After you get so many points users get the privilege to edit posts; it’s not just one individual.


Good idea

I agree


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Hello @chrisir,

The original topic was:

New members/ One Time Participants sketch format

And it received likes and responses.

You later edited it to:

New members/ One Time Participants sketch format (edit foreign posts)

This addition (edit foreign posts) to the subject may have been better as a separate response/topic so that it could be liked or commented on separate from the original subject/post/responses.


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I thought that the original post intent was to limit editing to formatting of sketch source code. Addition or changing of words could alter the meaning of the post. In my view what is tricky is when a post is not in the English language.



You are a wonderful teacher and always conveys information in a smooth, easy-to-understand manner. Your addition to the title was more than wonderful

@svan hi good friend

Suggesting in a separate comment or adding to the title are two sides of the same coin

The essence of the matter is to help the admin with certain things that can be granted to members who are able to do so