No Module named ast

I’m having a problem with Processing in python mode. I added the mode and it went through the installation process, but whether I have code to run or not, when pressing Run button I get: ImportError: No module named ast

If there are troubleshooting steps or suggestions, I would appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums, Troy.

What is your system setup? Windows/Mac/Linux? Are you trying to run Processing on some network-mounted drive?

Thank you for replying.

The OS is Windows 10.

It’s a workplace computer, so there are some aspects of it that seem to be dirve mounted and others that are not. I made sure that Processing was located on the C drive as opposed to the desktop. I know the desktop is drive mounted, but not sure what other fecets of this computer environment are.

Python itself is on the C drive in Program Files. Not sure where Java is. I have the JDK_HOME environment variable set up, but there is no java folder in the Program Files directory.

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This is exactly my problem. Thank you so much, however, there doens’t appear to be an actual fix.

The ‘Processing’ folder that contained the Python mode was located on a networked drove location. I moved the folder to my C drive in my users directory, but then Processing lost Python mode. I understand that is where it was referencing the mode, but how do I tell it to reference the mode in a new location?

I’ll keep trying to work the issue until I find a solution, otherwise I would greatly benefit from your help.

Again, thank you so much.

I recall encountering this issue a while back when I was using a network account. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to such a setup at the moment, so I cannot test a solution.

As a work-around for now, you could use the command-line version of

You can now use whatever editor you like, including the Processing IDE (provided you compile from the command-line).

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if your ?company? computer is professionally secured
following will not work, but it is worth a try:

-a- USB stick ( best USB 3 on USB 3 port )
-b- unzip to it
-c- start processing from there and change Preferences to like
-d- restart processing
-e- install all modes and libs you need again now to USB stick
-f- copy your “sketch work dir” too
-g- test a python example sketch

( if you start that USB stick processing from the company computer
you need first to change preferences again to USB dir
and restart processing.
repeat -g-

i just tested all that on a newly setup win10 laptop
please note that processing again will use ( or make new ) its system directory
/Users/ < USER > / AppData/Roaming/Processing
where the
file is ( and also old error logs under /console/ )
/ i have no idea how to FORCE that to the stick too ? /